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3) Gheorghe Marinescu

Book Marinescu

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4) Brain and its Univers

Book Creierul

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5) The least about CONSCIOUSNESS for an intellectual of the third millenium

Book Consciencious


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6) The enigmas of sleep

Book The enigmas of sleep

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7) File No. 148074 (??? ??' 148074)

Book Tik 148074

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8) Emotions, Humor, Smile, Laughter, Crying: The Biosemiotics of Daily Life

The Biosemiotics of Daily Life Book Tik 148074 

Edit VMR 2010,  (242 pg) 

9) Yawning and sighing

Edit VMR 2011 (259 pg) 

See Book Review, Yawning and Sighing by Raluca Enache Rhinology, 2012, 2 (8) 245-246


Edit VMR 2012 (191 pg) 

See Book Review: Sneezing a nasal, photic, gastric,sexual,tactile,and ideative phenomenon by Ramona Ungureanu Rhinology 2013, 3 (9): 53-54.  

11The banality of a hiccup

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12) Penser L'europe

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13) Spiralogy - A Neurological Theory of the Interrelationship Knowledge/Consciousness

Edit. EUROPEAN INSTITUTE – 330 pages

Editor, Scholarly Publishing in honor of Martin Buber
Spiralogy: A Neurological Theory of the Interrelationship
between Knowledge and Consciousness
 by J J Askenasy

14) Gazeta Academica

Editura Familia 2019 – 246 pages

Chapter in Books:

1) Correlation of sleep patterns with muscle activity in patients with Parkinson’s diseases

Askenasy JJM, Yahr MD
in :

Current Concepts of Parkinson’s Disease and Related Disorders, ed. MD. Yahr , Princeton, NJ, Excerpta Medica, 172-196, 1983

2) The effect of vibrations on the Nervous System in industry.

Edit. ODTP 1969 Bucarest


Edited by Liu Shiyi and Shojiro Inoue
4) Sleep and Dream in the Hebrew Tradition
J.J. Askenasy and P.R. Hackett

4) The Pharmacostrategy of treating Sleep disorders in Parkinson disease

Jean-Jacques Askenasy
Sleep and Sleep Disorders:
A Neuropsychopharmacological Approach

Malcolm Lader, Daniel P. Cardinali,Pandi-Perumal.

5) Some light on the controversy about the effects of the shift to daylight saving time in road accidents.

Jean Jacques Askenasy, Richard Goldstein, Nadir Askenasy & Viren Somers.

6) New developments in coping with Sleep Disturbances in the elderly



7Sleep Related Breathing Disorders IN:

   Sleep Wakefukness

Eds. V Kumar et al. pp.199-204 New Delhi
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9) "Man of boxes"


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10) The European culture in the context of mondialisation

Jean Askenasy
  In "Penser l'Europe" Ed. National Foundation for Science and Art
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11) The Kohinoor in the crown of universe

  Jean Askenasy Privileges" by Angela Martin – Ed. Cultural Rumanian Foundation 2008
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12) Neuroscience…

Jean Askenasy "In the flow of remembrance" by Avram Croitoru – Ed. Hasefer

2009 pages 350-357

13) Meetings with Solomon Marcus by Solomon Marcus  Editor: Spandugina 2010

Jean Askenasy: A neurologist about a matematician pages 286-295

14) Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger by Benes Eniko -2011- Edit. Biblioteac Bucure?tilor

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